Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in joining staff at YWAM Barbados!

Please read the entire document before completing. All the questions on the application form must be completed. Husbands and wives must complete separate forms. Please know that this application is treated as confidential and we encourage you to answer as honestly and accurately as possible. Once all the required items listed below have been sent to us, the leadership will prayerfully consider your application.

We look forward to receiving your application and joining our family here at YWAM Barbados!

Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us either at 246-423- 7496 or e-mail us at

Please Note: This application takes a fair amount of time to complete and requires that you fill it out in one sitting. Unfortunately progress cannot be saved. It is highly recommended that you answer the personal reflection questions in a separate document and then copy them to lessen the chance of losing information. ONLY when you click the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the bottom of the page will your work be saved.  

Below is a checklist of things to make sure you are prepared to fill out the application form:

You will want to get your passport, immunization records, medical records, family contact list and pastor's contact info, teacher/employer contact info and a close friend's contact info. You will need a digital head-shot photo to attach to the application.

You will also need to download and get your physician to fill out this medical form.

You can download the medical form here: Physician Medical Form

Once the above form is completed by your medical professional please scan or take a clear legible photo of the document and attached it below. You do not need to attach the completed medical form now to submit this application. If you already have it completed, GREAT! If not just return to this application form when it is completed and attach and submit the medical form. No need to fill out the rest of the application. Click through and click submit at the end of the application.

Character References

Please provide the details for pastor/spiritual mentor, employer/teacher, and a YWAM/DTS Leader. We will send them a character reference form to fill out once you have submitted your application. Please contact these people and ask permission before listing their information and ask them to fill out the form as soon as possible. 


REQUIRED! You must also click here to input your Pastor/Spiritual Leader's email address. You will be taken to a separate page and once submitted you can close that tab and return here.


REQUIRED! You must also click here to input your Employer/Teacher's email address. You will be taken to a separate page and once submitted you can close that tab and return here.


REQUIRED! You must also click here to input your YWAM/DTS Leader's email address. You will be taken to a separate page and once submitted you can close that tab and return here.


(Note: We may be doing a telephone interview with you if necessary. We will inform via email to arrange)


List info below only for any children that are attending with you.

First Child


Second Child


Third Child


Fourth Child


Fifth Child


Please list additional children's info below






Please list details of your YWAM experience below



Who do we contact in the event of an emergency involving you? Please list two(2) emergency contacts.

Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2


Please take your time and honestly answer the following questions


Women Only

(The answer to the above question makes no difference to your application. We need to make adequate provision for you in this case and ensure maximum safety for everyone.)



I do hereby release Youth With A Mission, its agents, employees, and volunteers from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by myself or other persons during my/their stay in YWAM (except when it can be proven that one of the people mentioned above has directly caused the accident or problem).


In the event of an emergency in which I am rendered unconscious and my nearest responsible relative or guardian cannot be contacted, I hereby agree to such treatments, anesthetics and operations to be performed upon myself as deemed necessary by the attending physician.


I am fully aware of my financial obligations, both to the Lord and to the leadership of Youth With A Mission. I also confirm that I am responsible for all fees and personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission


During the period I’m attending Youth With A Mission, I will keep the highest moral standards and maintain a clear and personal witness through proper conduct. I will abide by all the rules presented to me and those decided upon by my peers and myself. I understand that if I do not abide by these conditions, I may be asked to leave.



Because of the attached files please be patient when you click the submit application button. It may take some time to upload these files. Do not refresh the page or your work will be lost.